ACA & NCA Offer Condolences to All Those Affected by the Las Vegas Tragedy

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On July 18th, over one hundred fellow counselors met with our state’s Congressional leaders to advocate for issues important to the field of counseling and practicing counselors – including school counselors and marriage, family, and child therapists. 

  • Promoting and conducting programs of research and education in the field of professional counseling
  • Enhancing high standards of professional preparation, performance, and conduct
  • Conducting professional meetings and conferences

It’s important to us to be clear about what we do as an organization with the community we serve. This list details a majority of our initiatives.

To enhance the quality of life by promoting the development of professional counselors. Use the practice of counseling to provide effective interventions that meet the needs of the community in which it serves. Promote respect for human dignity and diversity.

The American Counseling Association and the Nevada Counseling Association wish to convey our deepest sympathy to those who have been harmed by the Las Vegas shooting that occurred Oct. 1, the family members and friends who have lost a loved one, and the entire community affected by this tragedy. We are holding each and every one of you in our thoughts.

Events like this can cause a ripple effect throughout the nation and will require long-term attention and support. One consequence that professional counselors across the country should watch for is vicarious trauma. Individuals may feel traumatized by the incident, even if they were not there when it occurred. Everyone processes trauma differently—and professional counselors must remain watchful to attend to the unique needs of each individual client.

We encourage professional counselors to lend support for those suffering from this devastating loss in any way they can. For resources related to trauma counseling, see the ACA fact sheet titled 1:1 Crisis Counseling (Fact Sheet 10).

Additional ACA fact sheets that may be helpful include:

Post-Trauma/Disaster Stress (Fact Sheet 1)
Personal and Pre-Disposing Factors (Fact Sheet 8)
Vicarious Trauma (Fact Sheet 9)
Helping Survivors with Stress-Management Skills (Fact Sheet 13)
Intrusive Memories (Fact Sheet 15)

These resources and more can be found at ACA's Disaster Mental Health page:

NCA Mixers in Las Vegas and  Reno will be announced shortly! Stay tuned...

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